Friday, April 17, 2020

NYC Radio: 'Right vs Left' Debuts On 77WABC

Talkradio 77 WABC New York is now airing “The Right vs. The Left,” special Sunday programming that pits a WABC air personality on the right vs. well-known political commentators and activists on the left to offer listeners opposing sides of a range of current issues. 

This Sunday, WABC morning co-host Sid Rosenberg takes on left-leaning actor Michael Rapaport at 4 p.m. (EDT) and WABC midday co-host Curtis Sliwa spars with The Aggressive Progressive Christopher Hahn at 5 p.m. (EDT).

“At WABC, our goal is to present both sides of the story so that our listeners can get to the truth of every issue,” stated Dave LaBrozzi, Program Director of 77 WABC. “This special program does that in an entertaining joust between two strong, knowledgeable, opinionated yet open-minded personalities. The result is engaging talk radio that pulls in the audience and keeps them there.”

The first edition of The Right vs. The Left aired on WABC last Sunday, with popular morning show host Bernard McGuirk duking it out for the right with Hahn on the left. Overwhelming response from listeners spurred the station to set up the second and third matches, with the possibility of more right vs. left battles in the coming weeks.

“WABC Radio will continue to explore the kind of unique programming that engages listeners,” asserted Chad Lopez, President of Red Apple Media and WABC. “Radio has remained a constant companion and source of vital information for New Yorkers during shelter-in-place, and we’re proud to offer programs that presents both sides.”

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