Friday, April 17, 2020

Orlando Radio: JVC Expands Shannon Burke Show To NY

Shannon Burke
Shannon Burke, an ‘on-air’ social gathering serving up the best Happy Hour conversation with heavy listener interaction, hot topics of the day, and tons of opinions each weekday from 3pm-7pm on WDYZ 660 AM / 105.5 FM Orlando and WYGC 104.9 FM Gainesville, is expanding.

JVC Media has announced the ‘Florida Man Friday Happy Hour’ with Shannon Burke will simulcast each Friday afternoon on JVC’s News/Talk WRCN – 103.9 LI News Radio from 3pm-6pm.

“Now more than ever, our community needs to come together and stay at home to keep their families and loved ones safe.  With that being said, as humans we have the need to socialize and feel like we are still part of the society that we love," said JVC Executive VP of Florida Shane Reeve.   "The ‘Florida Man Friday Happy Hour with Shannon Burke’ is that bit of relief and laughter you need to keep some sense of normalcy in your life.” added Reeve.

Bruce Shepard, Executive VP of JVC NY said, “Consumers are spending less time in cars, at concerts, and other out of home locations.  With consumers hunkered down in their homes with radios and smart speakers playing radio stations, radio wins.   Listeners want interaction, not just a generic playlist fed from a company’s central computer.  JVC gives them that place to just get away from this crisis for just a few hours.”

John Caracciolo, President and CEO of JVC Media added, “ Serenity now!  Yes, news and information is very important in this unprecedented time, but we also need laughs.  As someone a lot smarter than me said, ‘A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.’”

JVC will also make the three hour Florida Man Friday Happy Hour broadcast available for free to any station that would like to participate in this interactive, fun, and exciting programming.

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