Monday, April 13, 2020

FNC's Kurtz: Trump’s Bashing Reporters Asking ‘Legitimate Questions’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz criticized media coverage of President Donald Trump on Sunday on the coronavirus but largely defended the questions reporters have asked of POTUS during the daily White House coronavirus task force briefings.

Mediaite reports that during a special MediaBuzz segment this afternoon, Kurtz spoke with Gillian Turner about the recent clashes at briefings, including when Trump got testy with ABC News’ Jon Karl and Fox News’ Kristin Fisher when they pressed him on a recent report from the HHS IG office.

“Jon Karl is not a third rate reporter,” Kurtz said. “He was following up similar questions by Fox’s Kristin Fisher, whose question was labeled hard by the president, who also went after a question about ventilators from PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor as threatening.”

“Now look,” he continued, “I think these are legitimate questions. But even if you don’t agree, even if you think these are unfair gotcha questions by reporters that don’t like the president, it comes with the Oval Office territory.”

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