Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Podcasting's Secret Sauce: Be Transparent, Real, Direct

Tim Sabean
Podcasting is more mainstream than ever. With listener popularity comes advertiser attention. More than two-thirds of advertising media decision makers have discussed advertising in podcasts, according to a study from Advertiser Perceptions. Podcast ads are now an important part of the conversation.

In this week’s Westwood One blog, Tim Sabean, Senior Vice President of Digital Content for Westwood One, outlines three secrets for podcast ad success. With his experience in coaching talent over his extensive radio career, the tips serve as a blueprint for talent that can be used to enrich the effectiveness of a podcast read. Here is what Sabean prescribes:
  • Be transparent. Start at the beginning and explain why the ad is being done in the first place. Hosts should share their backstory on why they wanted to promote the company in the ad. Giving context will help the listener follow the host’s journey and will magnify credibility and connection.
  • Be real. Personalize the relationship with the brand. Don’t solely rely on copy points. Hosts should use the product or service and then talk about what the experience is like. Including real-life reactions make ads more believable and prevent them from sounding soulless.
  • Be direct. Make the call to action clear and memorable. For specific information like call to action, podcasts hosts should be sure that the verbiage is strong and direct. They should be repetitive so there is no room for error.

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