Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Philly Radio: Changes Brewing At WRDW

Chunky Radio
"We all saw this coming," is how former Wired 96.5 FM morning host Chunky Jackson reacted on Facebook and on Twitter Tuesday after departing the CBS Radio building in Philly.

What has been rumored for a few weeks seems about ready to happen.

CBS Radio is expected to rebrand it's Wired 96.5 FM as Top40 WRDW AmpRadio96-5 this Friday.

A 5pm Friday change is being teased on the station website.

In advance of the move, Wired PD/PM Drive host Buster Satterfield and morning host Chunky Jackson have left the building.

Chunky posted on his Facebook page:
"Well, we all saw it coming. With CBS acquiring Wired 96.5 and changing the brand and direction to their signature Amp radio sound, this Friday at 5p, I will no longer be hosting the morning show. When you're hired, versus when you're acquired, are two different state of minds for a company and the employee. Philly, you guys rock! Thanks for supporting me and embracing me and my weight loss journey and allowing me to come into your lives every morning!"


  1. Woah I've been listening to 96.5 ever since Chio came to the station, and when he left I continued listening to Chunky and Bex. I get in my car every morning at 5:45 and they are my entertainment for my 45 minute drive:) This is SAD news:( I am probably one of your few listeners over 63 and I love you guys. I'll truly miss your great show! So adios WRDW, I'm switching to 106.1 and back to Chio. Chunky and Bex - ur da GREATEST!!

  2. I agree 96.5 has SCREWED UP AGAIN. I was an avid Chio fan on 102 -- switched to 96.5 when he started there, then continued to listen when Chunky started. BYE BYE for good 96.5. I'm going back to CHIO on 106.1 !!!