Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Report..PPM Can Kill Formats

Ratings are no longer just a measure of how many people listen to a radio station.

According to Richard Harker from Harker Research, PPM’s technology creates winners and losers based also on the sound properties of the content, the level at which a format is listened, and the ambient noise surrounding the panelist.

Accurate PPM ratings require that the meters reliably detect and identify radio stations over time. And as it turns out, the process is not 100% reliable, says Harker in his most recent blog.

When PPM launched, Arbitron claimed that if a listener could hear the radio, the meter would pick up the station and properly credit it. But now we know that isn’t completely true.

Independent research has shown that ambient noise can mask the encoded signal so that no listening is recorded. Research has also shown that a radio station played in the background might not be loud enough for the meter to pick up the encoded signal.

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