Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gen Media, M&A Partner On Cross-Platform Marketing

Just ten days after its launch, Gen Media Partners has established Gen Media Complete, a specialized unit formed in partnership with niche marketing company Maisano and Associates, LLC (M&A) to create customized cross-platform programs for advertisers.

Led by Dave Demer, Vice President Operations and Strategy, Gen Media Partners, and Beth Maisano, Partner and President, Maisano Associates, LLC, Gen Media Complete works directly with advertisers to find untapped pools of revenue from sources such as promotion and marketing budgets.

“Gen Media Complete adds the essential steps to transform consumers into fans, to put products in shopping carts and brands in backyards,” stated Demer. “Beth and her team are recognized for helping advertisers craft campaigns that influence consumer engagement and activation, and we look forward to further expanding our involvement with advertisers through our partnership.”

Gen Media Complete utilizes brand trial, in-venue engagement, experiential marketing, broadcast tune-ins, product activation, cause marketing, and more across broadcast, digital, mobile, and social media to connect brands with consumers.

“By leveraging Gen Media Partners’ assets and tapping into additional resources, Gen Media Complete has designed a unique one-stop experience for advertisers that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional advertising to build consumer engagement across platforms,” noted Kevin Garrity, Chief Executive Officer, Gen Media Partners.  “Radio’s attribute as a powerful engagement medium will play a prominent role in these marketing campaigns and bring new advertisers and more revenue to our radio clients.”

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