Friday, April 10, 2015

HD Radio Ad Net Aims To Grow HD Revenue

The HD Radio Ad Network has expanded to 60 markets, comprised of inventory from radio groups like CBS Radio, Hubbard and Greater Media, and IBiquity Digital Corp.  is inviting more stations to join.

“We’ve built a way to push out ads through their studio automation systems,” using an ad server, iBiquity SVP Marketing/Broadcast Business Joe D’Angelo tells RadioWorld. The ad server inserts spots into the on-air programs; it also produces affidavits and invoices.

The ad flights vary, depending on whether an advertiser wants to buy the whole network or certain markets, according to D’Angelo. Network advertisers include GEICO, McDonalds, Best Buy and AT&T.

Using its technology, iBiquity takes the creative from the ad agencies and pushes the ads out on stations’ HD2 and HD3 channels, he said. The rates have not been publicly disclosed.

The HD Radio Ad Network started in 2014 and iBiquity says the audience for those ads is growing, mostly due to the proliferation of HD Radio tuners in new cars combined with those already on the road, which now totals more than 25 million. IBiquity cites Nielsen data: Fall 2014 Nielsen Nationwide ratings reveal HD2/HD3 station listening Average Quarter Hour growth to be 348% and Total Weekly Cume growth of 312% since the Fall 2011 studies. That listening is helped as stations broadcast their multicast HD channels on FM analog translators.

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