Thursday, April 9, 2015

Twin Cities Radio: Stalker Forces Mary Lucia Off-Air

Mary Lucia
One of the most familiar voices on the Twin Cities radio dial, Mary Lucia announced on air Wednesday afternoon that she is taking a leave of absence from 89.3 The Current.

A candid open letter posted on the station’s website says she’s making the hard decision after she was harassed by a stalker at both her work and home, according to the Star-Tribune.

“My life over the last year has involved a series of restraining orders, seemingly endless calls to 911, the installation of security cameras at home, and police photo ID line-ups,” Lucia wrote in the blunt, descriptive manner that has made her a favorite of Twin Cities rock listeners going back to her '90s stint at REV-105.

“I've been constantly looking over my shoulder, dead-bolting doors, and jumping when someone rings my doorbell or my motion lights go off.”

It’s unclear how long Lucia will be out of pocket. In the interim, her afternoon shift will be covered by a rotation cast of Bill DeVille, David Campbell and Jim McGuinn.

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