Friday, April 10, 2015

Morgantown WV Radio: Kay Murray Signs-Off At WAJR

Kay Murray
Kay Murray turns-off the mic for the last time today. Murray, who turns 72 next week, is retiring after hosting the morning radio talk show on WAJR 1440 AM in Mortgantown, WV for 35 years.

Murray had an unlikely entry into radio, according to  In the late ’70s, Kay decided to return to the workforce after raising her two children.  She started at WAJR 37 years ago as a receptionist. When a talk show position opened up, then-general manager Dale Miller pushed Kay for the job.

Kay was stunned with the offer, but agreed to at least give it a try. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kay had no formal radio training, but she had other qualities that were far more important. She grew up in Morgantown and knew the community. She was warm with an easy laugh, but not a pushover.

Through the years, Kay had several different co-hosts—Carl Becker, Bill Nevin, Jim Stallings—but Kay was the constant. She became synonymous with the show, and with radio in Morgantown. The last two weeks have been filled with well-wishes, on-air and off, from so many people.

WAJR is airing a special two-hour Morgantown AM with a series of special guests to give her an appropriate send-off.

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