Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Consultant Gary Berkowitz Issues '7 Wishes For AC'

Gary Berkowitz
Longtime radio program consultant Gary Berkowitz has issued "7 Wishes of Christmas" for AC Radio.  He calls them programming points to focus on as radio heads into the new year:
  •  AC is NOT in trouble. Don't believe the noise. Does AC need to evolve? Yes. But its still a strong vibrant format. Key to winning in AC? Out perform 8a-3p (at work) and you'll get the win. 
  • If you believe that digital is the future we must work on the spot set content. For a majority of the radio stations that stream, the stop set content makes the stream un-listenable. Example: You want younger demos but your stream plays 3-4 spots an hour for old age homes and retirement villas. Not kidding. I hear it all the time.  
  • Fact: TSL is in a decline. Before you fire the PD, take a look at your log. Sure, you may only be playing 12 minutes of spots, but when those 12 minues equate to 22 units, we have a problem. Just sayin.
  • Lets agree to remove "Hi, who's this" from all contesting. There is a better way. Maybe its time to say so long to call in contesting in general. Is there an alternative? Yes. Call or email me and I'll tell you what it is.
  • We need to get back to product testing. My highest rated AC's have one thing in common. They test the product (music and non music) elements consistently. Imagine what would happen if Apple or any of the car companies stopped research and development. I think we all know the answer. 
  • Make 2015 the year that we start to work on building relationships with our listeners. From email databases to our websites and Facebook-Twitter accounts, we have a gold mine sitting there if we take advantage of them. Hint: Even if you post a lot, and nobody comments or reacts, what does it tell you? 
  • And finally (somewhat tongue in cheek)....Celebrate Me Home and My Favorite Things are not Christmas songs. Can we agree to remove these from Christmas libraries?
Reach out to Gary. For a confidential discussion of your station and how to improve ratings in the new year, call 248.737.3727 or email

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