Friday, December 12, 2014

List: Mike Francesca Tops Among Sports Talkers

Mike Francesa
For the third year in a row WFAN's Mike Francesa has been chosen the number one local sports talker in America by Radio Ink's panel of sports experts. That panel includes program directors, sports hosts, managers of sports stations, and consultants.

Mike Francesa (WFAN 660 AM /101.9 FM in NYC) has over 27 years of sports talk on the books already, having started out when the format was hardly as cool or lucrative as it is now. And after nearly three decades he continues to be ranked number one in the demo WFAN targets. Francesa is knowledgeable, influential, and opinionated. It's an amazing accomplishment that Francesa has been successful for so long in such a large and media-savvy city. According to RadioInk, ee's by far the most influential sports talker in New York, which was made crystal clear this past year when Alex Rodriguez got into hot water over allegations of steroid use. Rodriguez went racing to Francesa to get his story out.

Who follows the three-time champ? For Radio Ink's Top 30 Local Sports Talkers in America list: Click Here.

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