Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scott Shannon Means The '80s For CBS-FM

Scott Shannon
With the addition of Scott Shannon starting Monday, WCBS-FM is banking on his familiarity with New Yorkers who grew-up during the '80s. Then, of course, Shannon launched Top 40 giant WHTZ Z100. He also introduced the ensemble Morning Zoo show concept.

Those who came of age during that era are now in their 40s and 50s, the target demo for CBS-FM which is relying less on 60s music and emphasizing of of the 80s. Sales obviously is hoping the Scott Shannon name carries some weight with the advertising community.

The Shannon addition is also causing to market watchers to wonder what happens now to Cumulus' True Oldies Channel, which is still voiced by Shannon. The format airs on NYC on WPLJ-HD2 and the Scott Fysbush's NERW wonder if TOC would end-up on 101.1 FM HD-2.

Also on many minds how involved would Shannon become involved with programming on CBS-FM. Will he be content to handle just mornings? Did Jim Ryan just hire his replacement?

Stay tuned.

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