Monday, February 24, 2014

Justin Bieber Tweets About "Broken"

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber might be having a hard time of it lately, but the pop star is still busting out some tunes.  According to Rolling Stone, late Friday night, Bieber sent out a tweet directing his followers to find some "new exclusive music" on where his new track, "Broken," kicked off DJ Tay James' We Know the DJ Radio 4 playlist.

"Broken," which features L.A. rapper Blake Kelly, marks Bieber's first song since his January arrest in Miami Beach on drunk driving charges. The song strikes a defiant note, lashing out against unnamed tormentors with the opening line, "I guess they want a reaction/but I ain't gonna give it to them," and in the track's refrain, "I cannot be broken/like I know you were hopin'."

In addition to the Miami DUI (the trial for which is set for March 3rd), the singer may also be facing felony vandalism charges for allegedly egging his neighbor's house, and Bieber's friend Lil Za was arrested last month on drug possession charges after police searched Bieber's home for surveillance footage. The singer's private plane was also detained earlier this month when he tried to reenter the U.S. from Canada because customs officials suspected there was marijuana onboard. (No drugs were found and no charges filed.)

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