Thursday, February 27, 2014

NYC Radio: Dan Taylor Posts About CBS-FM Change

Dan Taylor
WCBS 101.1 FM's new Mid-Day personality has made his first posting on Facebook since Tuesday's announcement that Scott Shannon would be the station's new morning host.

Starting Monday, Dan Taylor will be following 'Shannon In The Morning'.

According to Taylor's post:

"Just coming up for air after a busy couple of days. Many thanks for all your kind words and wishes. I'll try to respond as time permits. 

The “switch-shift” switchboard has been jammed here at CBS-FM! After many years of Mornings, I’m now looking forward to spending middays with you and welcome my old friend Scott Shannon to the CBS-FM family. (I hope we’re still friends after he works with our pal MR G!)  See you 10 to 3 Monday!"

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