Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Five's Greg Gutfeld Questions W2W Tiger Coverage

Greg Gutfeld
The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld critically questioned the media about devoting hours of airtime on the Tuesday morning car crash by Tiger Woods, reports Mediaite.

During a segment where Fox News dipped out of ongoing live coverage of the accident, the panelists weighed in on the news about Woods. But after Dana Perino noted the public’s longtime fascination with someone who is an icon not just within golf or the sports world, but in American culture in general, Gutfeld offered a decidedly contrarian take on the coverage.

“Really, though?” Gutfeld said in rebuttal. “Everybody wants to hear about his for an hour? I don’t know.”

“I know our job is to overstate incidents like this…” Gutfeld continued, just as what sounded like Perino whispering into a hot mic saying: “Guys…”

“If we don’t overstate it, people might change the channel,” he added, before noting that tens of thousands of Americans are injured in car accidents every year.

“I just think that, right now, my prayers are limited,” Gutfeld continued. “There’s so many people that are suffering right now and I think sometimes the news news does this deep dive. Honestly, I think some people might just be like ‘We get it. We get it.’ There’s some bad stuff going on in this world. Maybe we should focus on that stuff.”

As Perino began to respond with “Alright…” Gutfeld threw up his hands and added: “I’m here to give my opinion! So I know everybody hates me for that. But, sorry.”

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