Wednesday, October 25, 2017

NFL TV Ratings Suck Less

Despite disastrous local TV ratings for some NFL teams, the national numbers continue to narrow the deficit on last season’s grim stats.

Through Week 7, the NFL’s 43 national telecasts averaged 15.4 million viewers, according to data compiled by Sports Media Watch. That’s down 5.5 percent from last season’s 16.3 million average through the same point in the season.

It’s the smallest the deficit has been this season, according to The NYPost.

After Week 1, amid hurricane distractions and a controversy over kneeling, TV viewership of NFL games was down 11.8 percent.

But the gap has steadily narrowed so that after Week 6, the deficit was 6.7 percent.

Reducing it further were an additional 1.6 million viewers who tuned into Week 7’s five games on four networks — CBS, Fox, NBC and NFL Network — or live-streamed “Thursday Night Football” on Amazon.

The audience for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” grew by 1.5 million viewers, to 19.2 million. It was a Super Bowl rematch that allowed the New England Patriots to reassert superiority over the Atlanta Falcons.

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