Thursday, June 4, 2015

SRN Talker Michael Medved Reports He's Cancer-Free

Michael Medved
Salem Radio Network personality Michael Medved reports his doctors have officially declared him to be cancer-free.

Medved missed most of the first quarter of this year to undergo treatment for throat cancer.

He made the announcement on his show Wednesday:
"As you know, my personal struggle with cancer has been a very big part of the show. I ended up missing 11 weeks -- had wonderful guest hosts -- but it was very hard for me to miss the show while I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy -- everyday radiation therapy, which is not fun -- for throat cancer. And yesterday, right before the show, I went in for what's called a PET scan, where they use a very complicated machine, look over your whole body, try to determine if cancer has returned or if there is a cancer growing. 
I'm very pleased to say that I am now officially cancer-free. 
We got the results and that helps to explain why I'm feeling so much better and obviously getting that message out yesterday from my doctor, from my oncologist, and from the hospital where I was treated. They inject you with fluid and then they look at you and it's unbelievable. And then they show you the pictures. And the great thing for me was seeing a picture from last December that showed this horrible tumor that was going to kill me and then that same part of my throat and neck where it's all gone. It's clean as a whistle. 
So again, for those people who only listen every day to get their blood pressure up because they disagree with what I have to say, you'll be able to have that privilege for the foreseeable future."
SRN VP of News & Talk Programming Tom Tradup said in a statement: "It has been quite an adventure... with ups and downs (but mostly 'ups'). What a blessing to Michael, his family, his audience, and all of his colleagues here at SRN."

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