Friday, June 5, 2015

Orlando Radio: Russ Rollins Accused Of "Broadcast Bullying"

Russ Rollins
High profile West Coast woman's rights attorney Gloria Allred says Orlando Morning Personality Russ Rollins is a broadcast bully.  Allred respresents Samantha Boomer, who is currently involved in a contentious divorce from Rollins, who works for iHeartMedia's Guy Talk/Classic Rock WTKS 104.1 FM Real Radio.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Boomer, with the help of Allred, is suing her husband, "Monster in the Morning" personality Russ Rollins, and his employer for allowing a hoax to air.

They claim the hoax was perpetrated January 30, 2015 when Rollins duped a process server into delivering the divorce papers on video, according to a lawsuit filed in Orange County Circuit Court on Thursday.

Boomeer, Allred
The lawsuit claims the video, which was shown on the station's website for a time, alleges defamation and invasion of privacy. The video also aired on several TV stations in Orlando and nationwide. It asks for damages on the grounds of emotional distress caused by the video and other social media postings about their five-year marriage.

In a statement, Boomer said her estranged husband and iHeartMedia "decided to take something that is painful, personal and private and make it public entertainment for profit and ratings.

"This public disgrace and embarrassment has caused so much pain and disruption that I had to contemplate moving my family from the community that I love," she continued.

Boomer is referring to the social media comments that poured in after Rollins posted the video online in February.

Rollins' lawyer, Jonathan Simon, acknowledges the staged video may not have been a good choice, but said the lawsuit is groundless because everything his client shared on social media was true.

In the clip, Rollins sighs heavily as he learns Boomer wants a divorce and says, "Wow, so she had me served on the air…that's um, very nice." He then takes a break to "review" the papers.

The radio station, WTKS, issued a correction on its Facebook and Twitter in March at the behest of Boomer's lawyers.

WTKS had no comment on the new lawsuit.

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