Friday, June 20, 2014

St.Louis Radio: CCM+E Flips 103.7 FM Translator To Rock

CCM+E/St.Louis has given birth to rock formatted Louie 103.7 FM, translator W279AQ / 103.3 FMHD2.

Using the positioner'Man Up St.Louis, Louie 103-7 says it will will play everything from Metallica, AC/DC and Aerosmith to Green Day, Sick Puppies and Local H.


"Louie 103.7 will be a real man's station-for guys who like beer, BBQ and really good rock music," said Regional Programming Manager Stephen Stewart. "We're excited to bring a rock station to St. Louis that we know will really resonate with our listeners."

W279AQ 103.7FM (250watts) 60dBuCoverage Area

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