Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LA Radio: Nielsen Continues Probe

Nielsen has widened its investigation into a ratings scandal in Los Angeles and uncovered evidence that a Univision Communications radio executive allegedly has been manipulating the ratings, according to the LA Times.

On Monday, the measurement giant confirmed that the Los Angeles ratings scandal was larger than the company first thought. Last week, Nielsen sought to downplay the incident by saying there was only one problematic household in Nielsen's audience pool in Los Angeles.

However, acting on a tip from a radio station insider, Nielsen widened its probe. Nielsen determined late last week that there were problems with a second house that participated in the sample audience.

Nielsen discovered that an executive with Spanish-language media giant Univision Communications had access to Nielsen measurement devices called portable people meters.

“Subsequent to last week’s announcement about the delay in Los Angeles PPM Radio data, Nielsen has learned that a media affiliated household participated in the Los Angeles sample," Nielsen said in a statement, calling the breach "a serious violation of data integrity standards."

Last week, Univision denied that any of its employees might be involved in the ratings manipulation scandal.

But on Monday, Univision — the nation's largest Spanish-language media company — acknowledged that it has terminated the programming executive who worked at its popular radio station KSCA 101.9 FM.

The executive apparently had access to several Nielsen "people meter" measurement devices.

The company declined to name the executive.

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