Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No Family Feud Over Casey's Remains

Casey, Kerri Kasem
Casey Kasem's three eldest children have no plans to fight their estranged stepmom over his final resting place, sources told the NY Daily News on Monday.

The kids – Kerri, 41, Mike, 40, and Julie, 38 – were at his bedside when he died early Father's Day morning and say they believe his spirit will be with them when they hold a memorial service next weekend without any physical remains.

Kerri was her dad's conservator during his final days in hospice but informed the hospital shortly after his death that her stepmother, Jean Kasem, was taking over as the decision maker.

"I was contacted by (Jean's lawyer) Steve Haney and asked if we would make arrangements with the hospital for Casey's remains to be turned over. We immediately responded that we'd be happy to do so, and Kerri informed the hospital that Jean had complete authority regarding final disposition," lawyer Troy Martin said.

"The attorneys are acting cordially in this matter at this point. Mr. Haney did confirm that he would inform the children of the final arrangements," Martin told The News.

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