Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kids Keep Location Secret For Casey Memorial

Casey Kasem
Kasem's second wife and widow, who is estranged from her step-children, has not publicly announced plans for a funeral or public memorial.

The children of DJ Casey Kasem's first wife have announced they will hold their own memorial service in the legend's honor on Saturday, June 21, according to THR.

"Kerri, Mike and Julie Kasem will hold a private memorial service for family and friends on Saturday," said Danny Deraney, spokesman for Kasem's daughter Kerri Casey, her brother Mike, and sister Julie. "We will not give out the location to make sure the ceremony is kept private."

Though Kerri invited Casey's second wife, Jean Casey  and her daughter Liberty, an aspiring singer, to join Kerri's side of the family at what turned out to be his deathbed last weekend, Jeannie apparently left Mr. Kasem to fight for control of his medical treatment in a Los Angeles court.

Kasem's widow has not announced her plans for his funeral, or any public event in his honor.

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