Friday, June 20, 2014

S-A Radio: KTFM Teams Blondie & Nugget For Mornings

L&L Broadcasting has announced that Blondie & Nugget will take-on mornings at its Top40 KTFM 94.1 FM in San Antonio.

They start July 14.

L&L is teaming Bondie from WABD Mobile and Nugget from KHTT Tulsa.

Morning show consultant Randy Lane has signed-on to mold the duo and guide the new show.

KFTM 94.1FM (40Kw) 60dBu Coverage
Mr. Nugget
PD Mark Landis commented, “We’ve searched the country for months to find the perfect morning show that can connect with our target demo.  Blondie &Nugget are incredibly talented, understand the importance of social media, and are future morning stars.  The KTFM full-time staff is now complete and we’ll have live talent from 6a-midnight that live in San Antonio!”

L&L EVP/Dir. Programming Scott Mahalick stated, “Blondie &Nugget bring a dynamic, unique and memorable local morning show to KTFM -- and believe or not, they sound as good as they look!”

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