Saturday, February 29, 2020

Public Broadcasters Looking For FEMA Public Safety Grant

Public broadcasters would be able to expand their role in providing public safety services if Congress approves a $20 million appropriation request through the Department of Homeland Security, America’s Public Television Stations President Pat Butler told attendees this week at the annual Public Media Summit, reports.

Pat Butler
“Today’s technology makes it possible for us to reduce earthquake warnings from 30 seconds to less than two seconds or chart the route to safety from a tornado or hurricane or a flood,” Butler said. “Tomorrow’s technology, the Next Gen broadcast standard, with its advances in mobility and interactivity, will make it possible for us to send such critical information to everyone with a cellphone equipped with a Next Gen chip.”

As part of its annual appropriation request to Congress, CPB is seeking funds from DHS for the first time. It has proposed creating the Next Generation Resilient Warning System, a competitive grant program for public broadcasters within DHS’ Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Assistance account.

If set aside, the $20 million would allow stations “to procure, construct and improve transmission and other public safety related equipment, software and services, including ATSC 3.0, datacasting and MetaPub,” CPB said in a Feb. 10 document submitted to Congress. “This will result in enhanced alerting and warning capabilities that serve all Americans.”

“This new competitive grant program will enhance public broadcasting stations’ ability to provide alert, warning and interoperable communications and incorporate emerging technology in those life-saving activities,” said an APTS document detailing public broadcasting’s funding requests. “Public broadcasting has long been a committed partner with the public safety community. That work depends on reliable and resilient public broadcasting infrastructure, which this program will support.”

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