Friday, June 3, 2016

iHM Promotes Owen Grover To EVP/GM Content Development

Owen Grover
iHeartMedia has announced the promotion of  Owen Grover as Executive Vice President & GM of Content Development & Distribution.

The announcement was made in a memo to the staff from Darren Davis, President of iHeartRadio & iHeartMedia Networks.

 "He will oversee the creation and distribution of content across our network of station and personality sites, and to the many third party social platforms that have become such critical engagement vehicles for us. He and his team will be charged with establishing new standards, systems, and best practices for the development of compelling, innovative editorial & video assets as well as the audience growth strategies to ensure that our key digital platforms continue to flourish. This team will unite several currently distinct teams to take best advantage of our scale and resources. Owen will work closely with our sales team, our marketing team, Ina Burke and her short-form video production team, and our digital product teams to maximize revenue and distribution opportunities."

Grover will oversee teams that create and distribute content across iHeartMedia’s network of station and personality sites, as well as third party social platforms such as iHeartRadio’s Snapchat Discover channel. Using iHeartMedia’s national scale and resources, Grover’s team will develop innovative editorial and video assets and focus on audience growth to ensure the company’s key digital platforms continue to flourish.

Previously, Grover served as the Senior Vice President & GM of iHeartRadio. In Grover’s 10+ years of experience at iHeartMedia he has set a standard for the company’s digital network, developed the iHeartRadio brand and established key entertainment properties such as the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

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