Tuesday, May 31, 2016

R.I.P.: Twin Cities Attorney, Radio Host Ron Rosenbaum

Ron Rosenbaum
Prominent Twin Cities attorney and longtime radio host Ron Rosenbaum died Sunday from an aggressive form of cancer, his wife announced via a Facebook post.

He was 68, according to The Pioneer-Press.

Rosenbaum, who as an attorney represented many of the Twin Cities media elite (including Tom Barnard), parlayed his legal acumen into successful radio stints at WCCO, KSTP, KFAN and, finally, into one of the better podcasts — Holding Court— which emphasized Rosenbaum’s ability. He could detect B.S. with the best of them.

Rosenbaum was a regular guest on The Dan Barreiro Show on KFXN 100.3 FM, joining the broadcaster to talk about current issues — both locally and nationally — involving the courts and the law, and the two also co-hosted a television show. Rosenbaum hosted a talk radio show, Holding Court, from 1998 to 2006 and was known for acute analysis of government actions, such as the Patriot Act. He and his wife, former Pioneer Press reporter and editor Lucy Quinlivan, co-hosted the Holding Court podcast.

“I’m deeply sorry to announce that Ron, my longtime partner and recent husband, died this morning from complications of multiple myeloma,” Quinlivan wrote on her Facebook page Sunday.

“He died at home, as he had wished, and his son, Nicholas, and I are grateful for the help we received from Our Lady of Peace community hospice program and many friends and relatives who offered support and comfort these past several weeks.

“Ron was a rare and special character. His wonderful sense of humor was never exercised at the expense of other people’s vulnerabilities, and he had a well-developed sense of justice and fairness that had little to do with whether something was legal.

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