Friday, June 3, 2016

R.I.P.:Rochester Radio Promo Legend Orest Hrywnak

Orest Hrywnak
Orest Hrywnak, a promotions wizard in Rochestra NY radio for three decades, has died.

He was 59-years-of-age according to the Democrat & Chronicle.

Back in the day he first made his mark as WBBF-AM's Captain Cash in the 1970s.

"If you had your WBBF bumper stick on your car, then Captain Cash might pull you over and give you $95," recalled Dino Kay of Stephens Media Group in Rochester, one of Mr. Hrywnak's best friends and a long-time on-air personality. "And he'd be driving in around in the Happy Honker. That was the name of the car."

Hrywnak, who underwent open heart surgery on Feb. 18, died early Thursday morning of a heart attack in his sleep , according to his brother Dr. Sev Hrywnak.

"He was everybody's friend. Half of Rochester knew him."

Hrywnak was a 1974 graduate of Jefferson High School and studied at SUNY-Potsdam. He spent a good part of three decades in Rochester radio, primarily in promotions.

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