Friday, December 13, 2013

Radio Missing Opportunities To Engage Listeners On Twitter

A new study from the social media analytics company Brandwatch shows radio stations are missing opportunities to engage listeners.

Their study sampled 20 radio stations in the US and on average, less than one percent of their listeners (0.06%) Tweet about radio. This is 10-times less frequently than listeners in the UK

Key findings:

  • Sports stations interacted with their audience the most, and pop stations did so the least. Radio broacasters are missing a huge opportunity to foster a closer relationship with listeners.
  • Radio stations are not interacting with their listeners; instead, 75% of their interactions are with celebrities and brands (clients)
  • Tweets that mention brands receive less interaction from fans.
  • Tweets featuring celebrities, links and pictures were more popular than those without.
  • Followers were 54% more likely to engage with a DJ’s Twitter account than with a radio station’s Twitter account
  • Over half, 52%, of official TV show Twitter accounts engage with fans compared to just 26% of radio stations.

Celebrity culture is a main driver of conversation, with over a quarter of all listener mentions relating to celeb news, interviews of songs.  Listeners are proud of their cities and reference to their home city was one of the top mentioned topics.

The top periods for audience tweet activity are before midday and each evening. Radio stations are taking advantage of some peak times but are missing  out on other key opportunities.  For example, the peak moment for  audience chatter is around 11am, yet radio stations focus activity much later  in the day.

Of all DJ's Tweets, only 5.5% are about radio. This leaves plenty of room for radio stationsd to further use DJs to enhance their social strategy.

On average, there was a 68% increase in the volume of interactions when a Tweet contained an image and a 67% increase when there was a link.

Read the entire report: Click Here.

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