Monday, December 9, 2013

Chicago Radio: Hubbard Rebrands 100.3 FM

After more than three years as “Chicago’s Rewind 100.3” Hubbard Radio’s WILV 100.3 FM has dropped “Rewind” to become simply “Chicago’s 100.3.” Whether perceptible to listeners or not, the move reflects the addition of more current music to the station’s playlist, according to program director Marty Bender.

“The moniker of ‘Rewind’ served the station well for a number of years when we exclusively featured music from just the ’80s and ’90s,” Bender explained yo chicago Media blogger Robert Feder. “For quite some time now, we’ve been weaving in a number of choice, contemporary songs. The response from our core adult/female audience has been overwhelmingly positive. The next logical step for us was to expand our branding of the station beyond the limited ‘Rewind’ name. The majority of our audience already refers to the station by just our dial position of 100.3.”

The rebranding follows a similar change by Hubbard at its former “Rewind 94.9” WREW in Cincinnati.

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