Monday, December 9, 2013

Tim McCarver May Join MLB Cards’ Broadcast Team

Tim McCarver
Tim McCarver left the Fox television booth after the World Series following his record-shattering 34-year run as a network baseball analyst. But he never said he was retiring from broadcasting.

Dan Caesar at, cites sources saying there have been discussions about Carver being a part of the team’s broadcasts.

McCarver, contacted Thursday, did not want to talk about any specific job possibilities for next season. But he did reiterate that he hasn’t retired at age 72.

Longtime radio broadcaster Mike Shannon’s contract expired after the World Series, but he is expected to return. But Shannon, now 74, had significantly reduced his schedule of road games last year — and that was before he was sidelined in August for most of the rest of the regular season after undergoing aortic-valve replacement surgery.

Cards television analysts Al Hrabosky and Rick Horton helped fill in on radio for Shannon, and if he has a significantly reduced schedule in 2014 there would be room for another voice — and McCarver has plenty of experience calling games of individual teams as well as at the network level. He has worked in the booths of the Phillies, Mets, Yankees and Giants.

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