Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Report: Pandora Doubles Local Sales Force In 2013

Gabe Tartaglia
Pandora has doubled the number of markets in which it has a local sales force this year to 30, 28 of which are in top 50 radio markets, according to TVNewsCheck.

The Internet radio company added local sellers in Cleveland, St. Louis, Houston and Denver, among other markets, bringing its sales force to 250 people, according to Gabe Tartaglia, Pandora’s regional VP.

Pandora plans to hire another 40 to 50 reps in the first half of 2014 as it moves into additional markets. “The ballpark would be about the top 40 markets, adding roughly another 10,” he says. “That pace will probably remain steady for a while.”

Among the new markets targeted for 2014 are Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Kan.; and Nashville, Tenn.

Pandora’s sales team continues to attract radio veterans as it grows its ranks, maintaining that many have been drawn to wider geographic sales opportunities. “They’re usually confined to a marketplace because it’s tied to the broadcast signal of a radio or TV station,” Tartaglia says.

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