Monday, December 9, 2013

Lincoln Radio: KLIN's Dave Miller Recovering From Heart Surgery

Dave Miller
Lincoln radio personality Dave Miller quit smoking on Nov. 27.  A heart attack at age 47 tends to result in those kinds of lifestyle changes.

“I’m not in that good of shape,” Miller, co-host of “Jack and Dave in the Morning” on KLIN 1400 AM admitted Thursday during a phone interview with from his home, where he’s recovering from open-heart surgery. “I’m overweight for my age, and it isn’t any secret that I’m a smoker and enjoy a good cigar.

“If your body’s a temple, I treated mine like a landfill.”

Miller went to the emergency room with chest pains on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

“The best way to describe it is like having an eagle tattooed across your chest, but somebody’s doing it from the inside,” he said. “It burned, and it hurt.”

After a series of tests, he went under the knife the following day. He’s been off the air since Nov. 22.

Miller said he hopes to return to KLIN before Christmas, but that decision will be left up to his doctors and his family.

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