Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Insights: Radio Is Crucial During Pandemic

In light of current events, this week's Westwood One blog looks at multiple studies that have recently been fielded and released that shed light on how Americans are relying on AM/FM radio.

  • Nielsen: Concern over the Coronavirus is high and Americans are altering their regular activities with varying degrees by region. Nielsen finds that Americans are extremely concerned about the Coronavirus with variations by region. Data also shows that the degree to which Americans have altered their regular activities follows a similar regional pattern. The Northeast and West are most concerned and have altered their activities the most.
  • Nielsen: Audio listening is up. 83% of Americans say they are listening to AM/FM radio more or the same amount because of the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • Nielsen: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, listeners are seeking out new ways of listening to AM/FM radio. 30%-40% of persons 18-54 say they have searched online to find their favorite AM/FM radio stations, programs or personalities. The same proportion say they have looked for new ways to listen to favorite stations and on-air talent.
  • Nielsen: AM/FM radio is the trusted source of Coronavirus information. Nielsen finds a majority of Americans say AM/FM radio provides timely and accurate information about the virus outbreak.
  • Nielsen: AM/FM radio hosts and personalities connect during Coronavirus crisis. Listeners tell Nielsen that on-air personalities make them feel connected, less stressed, and less alone during this time of social isolation.
  • Edison Research/Triton Digital: According to the Infinite Dial, 96% of homes can listen to AM/FM radio. Among the total U.S. population, 68% of American homes own a radio. Another 8% own a smart speaker but no radio. Lastly, 20% of Americans own a smartphone device but no radio or smart speaker.
  • Edison Research: At home, 86% of time spent with AM/FM radio occurs “over the air” and 14% occurs via stream. According to Edison’s just-released Q4 2019 “Share of Ear” study, despite 27% of American homes having a smart speaker, and 85% of Americans having a smartphone, the vast majority of at-home AM/FM radio listening occurs “over the air.”

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