Wednesday, April 1, 2020

SiriusXM Radio: Road Dog Trucking Radio Targets Drivers

Today, SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking Radio announced host Mark Willis of 'Road Dog Trucking News' will broadcast a special virtual town hall with trucking industry leaders and hosts of SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking Radio on Wednesday.

As the coronavirus crisis impacts our nation, SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking Radio continues to provide our vital trucking industry workers a place for up-to-date news, regulations, and information as well as a sounding board to discuss important topics.

Wednesday's virtual town hall will include Road Dog Trucking hosts and industry leaders including United States Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, American Trucking Association President, Chris Spear, David Heller, Vice President from Truckload Carriers Association and Lewie Pugh, Vice President of Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association  discussing the effects the virus has had and continues to have on the trucking industry, how truckers play an essential role in the supply chain; what drivers can expect in the days, weeks, months ahead; fears and concerns they may be facing, regulation changes and more.

Dave Nemo
"Professional drivers are amongst the many unsung heroes during this crisis, sacrificing their own safety and time with family to keep America running,'' said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM. "In this age of self-isolation SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking Radio continues to be a lifeline for our heroes on the road."

Iconic trucking radio host Dave Nemo, who has been broadcasting to professional drivers for more than 50 years, commented, "The "Git 'er Done" spirit is going strong among the truckers of North America. Most tell me traffic is light and that really helps to keep supplies going. Some are still struggling to find food but have expressed much gratitude to folks stepping up with free meals around the U.S. and Canada. They're concerned for family and friends but vow to keep going through the storm."

SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking Radio has also created an on-air campaign with messages of thanks from SiriusXM hosts, celebrities and trucking industry executives, expressing their gratitude towards truck drivers during these challenging times.

Wednesday's special edition of "Road Dog Trucking News" can be heard on SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking Radio, channel 146 on Wednesday, April 1 from 2:00- 4:00 PM ET on SiriusXM radios, on the SiriusXM app, and at home on a variety of connected devices and speakers.

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