Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Nielsen Launches First-Ever Audio Data Management Platform

Nielsen has launched the first-ever audio data management platform, the Nielsen Marketing Cloud, with Westwood One as a charter client. The latest Westwood One blog post looks at how purchase data in this platform can now allow brands to target real customers through AM/FM radio. Below are some of the types of data available in the Nielsen marketing Cloud that Westwood One will be able to tap for audience targeting:

Automotive: Car registrations from JD Power can be used to show which auto brands are most likely to appeal to audiences. For example, heavy radio listeners are 39% more likely to be Chevy car owners.
  • Consumer packaged goods: Using Nielsen Catalina sales data harvested from shopper cards, grocery store and pharmacy purchases can be analyzed and matched to over the air radio listening. Sample findings show heavy radio listeners are 28% more likely to have purchased Gain laundry detergent.
  • Retail: When purchases are made on a credit or debit card, they typically end up in the Nielsen Buyer Insights database. We can now see that heavy radio listeners are 37% more likely to have made a credit or debit card purchase at ProFlowers.com.
  • Nielsen radio and TV audience data: With all national radio programming formats and all of Westwood One’s networks and premium content in the platform, we can measure these purchases against our properties.
This increased data pool will give Westwood One the edge in being able to connect radio listening to what consumers buy and where they shop. With a greater understanding of where these listeners are and what brands they gravitate to, AM/FM radio allows for “mass targeting” and “targeted reach.”

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