Friday, June 23, 2017

Twin Cities Radio: KDWB's Dave Ryan Plays Taps At Military Funerals

The playing of taps is something we expect to hear at a veteran's funeral. In fact, it's their right.

But, reports KMSP-TV Fox9,  the difficulty in finding enough people to play taps sometimes leads to a recording of the music being played instead of a live version.

Now, iHM's Top40 KDWB 101.3 FM Morning Host Dave Ryan is bringing attention to the issue by grabbing his trumpet and becoming a volunteer.

Dave Ryan
The 24-note song is the ceremonial good-bye, and in recent years, it's been tough to find enough volunteers to perform that duty at funerals.

“My dad was a WWII veteran. If there's anything I can do to honor veterans, I'd be happy to do it."

You probably know Ryan from his popular morning show on KDWB. But, he can also play taps on the trumpet. Understanding the need, he decided to audition with an organization called Bugles Across America to play at funerals. And, he got the green light.

Ryan’s rather, an Air Force veteran, was a navigator on B-24 liberators during WWII, and he was the person who encouraged Ryan to play taps in the first place.

“My dad told me if I learned to play taps, he'd buy me an official Boy Scout bugle. I worked really hard to hit that high note and once I hit that note, he bought me the bugle and I've played it many times since then," Ryan said.

"We all have to remember it's not about us. It's about the veteran and their family."

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