Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Millennials Have Little Trust In Media

A new poll out yesterday from Harvard's Institute of Politics found that young Americans have less trust in government and public institutions than ever.

Millennials -- defined as those between ages 18 and 29 -- have lost trust in the president, the military, Congress, the Supreme Court and the federal government as whole to "do the right thing,"

Trust in the president and the military fell the most in the past year, to 32 percent for the president from 39 percent and to 47 percent for the military from 54 percent.

The only institutions that remained the same were the United Nations, at 34 percent, Wall Street at a dismal 12 percent, and the media at an even worse 11 percent. The military (47%) had the highest level of trust, followed by the Supreme Court at 36 percent, and the U.N. (34%). The media (11%) was lowest, followed by Wall Street (12%) and then Congress, at 14 percent.

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