Friday, May 2, 2014

R.I.P.: Radio Industry Vet Jack Roberts Dies

Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts, a radio industry veteran who most recently served as executive producer for the CRN Digital Talk Radio Network, died Friday in a Los Angeles hospital after a long illness.

He was 62, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

During his career, Roberts produced national radio shows for Dick Cavett, Oliver North, Doug Stephan, Jerry Williams and others.

A native of Boston, Roberts worked Top40 as on air personality at WRKO; WMEX; WXKS; WPRO; WGUY and WDRC to General Manager and Program Director at WWRC; WDRC; WMRE; WBET and WHIL.

He created and wrote the broadcast and music news blog Hollywood Hills Group, which had an estimated 10,000 daily readers since its inception in 2011.

Los Angeles-based CRN syndicates to satellite and cable systems, broadcast radio stations, the Internet and a variety of talk radio applications.

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