Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DC Radio: Bert Show Never Had 'All Wheels On the Track'

Bert Weiss (ajc photo)
And that's from Bert Weiss himself.

Commenting to RAMP about the demise of the Bert Show on WRQX 107.3 FM as of Friday, Weiss says
"There are numerous factors that contribute to any morning show being successful or failing. I never felt like the Bert Show had all the wheels on the track in DC. A lot of factors made it a 'tough putt,'" he said. "We're in an industry that demands results and I understand the urgency of seeing ratings growth quickly. It didn't happen in this case. 
We're in 25 cites now and this is the only station where we haven't worked. It definitely stings because this station and city are so personal for me. We put our heart and souls into ensuring ratings success in each city we're in so it hurts a lot when it doesn't work out."
The Bert Show with Weiss and co-hosts Jeff Dauler and Kristin Klingshirn was installed on WRQX  to replace 24-year predessesor Jack Diamond.

Weiss, whose show is based at Cumulus Top 40 WWWQ (Q100)/Atlanta, further explained to RAMP,
"[Cumulus EVP/co-COO] John Dickey and I met and agreed that the parts just didn't fit and it was best for us all to focus on future properties."

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