Monday, April 28, 2014

NYC Radio: WCBS-FM Personality Joe Nolan Suffers Heart Attack

Joe Nolan
UPDATE 4/29/2014 10AM:  Joe Nolan gets out of the hospital today! He says 'recovery is next'.

Original Posting...

Get Well Wishes for longtime New York Traffic reporter and personality Joe Nolan who suffered a heart attack Sunday.

WCBS 101.1 FM's Scott Shannon told listeners Monday morning that Nolan suffered the heart attack while in an ambulance on the way to a hospital.  Shannon said Nolan didn't feel well Sunday morning and called for an ambulance.

Doctors perform an operation to insert a stent and according to Shannon "a roto rooter" procedure may be necessary.

In a conversation with the Shannon In The Morning crew, Nolan said doctors told him he had a 100% blockage in a major artery.

Suzy Cerone was subbing for Nolan Monday morning on WCBS-FM.  Nolan also reports traffic during PM Drive on the Michael Kay Show on WEPN 98.7 FM ESPN Radio.

Nolan is said to be resting; however, his lifestyle habits need to change.  According to Shannon,  "The kielbasa runs are over."


  1. I hope you are continuing to do well. I just saw this. I wondered where you were on PLJ. Stay well. GO DEVILS!!

  2. Hey Joe watching channel 7 news every morning...miss you & your back & forth chatter w/Bill wishes for a speedy recovery, hurry up Bill needs little challenge

  3. Be well
    you are loved by all your viewers for all your years on channel 7.