Friday, May 2, 2014

Quad Cities Radio: KJOC Drops Oldies for Sports

Eleven years after benching a sports-talk format befitting its call letters, KJOC 1170 AM  is back to broadcasting ESPN Radio as of Thursday, according to

"We looked at a variety of things, but the decision was to go with ESPN," said Darren Pitra, operations manager of Townsquare Media Quad-Cities, which includes KJOC and four other radio stations.

Chicago Cubs broadcasts, which never left the station even after two format changes, remain on "ESPN 1170," as well as Iowa State University football and men's basketball.

For nearly six years, the 1170 AM frequency had music from the "True Oldies Channel," a satellite format programmed by Scott Shannon. From 2003-'08, KJOC ditched most sports for a news-talk format.

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