Monday, January 24, 2011

Opinion: America Needs Rush, Glen, Sarah, Fox News

If Rush, Glenn, Sarah, and Fox News weren’t around, middle-of-the-roaders, independents, and progressives wouldn’t know what the crazies on the right were saying, they would have nothing to compare their political thinking and reasoning to. They wouldn’t know if they were smart and rational unless they could compare and contrast to the dumb and irrational.

Let’s face it, Rush, Glenn, Sarah, and the Fox News crew aren’t journalists, political strategists, or deep thinkers, they are entertainers. They are trying to make a buck by pleasing an audience that likes their form of vaudeville.

I mean, consistently, among the highest rated regular programs on cable is WWE Wrestling. Yes, there are people who believe professional wrestling isn’t highly scripted, that it’s real – many of the same people who believe that Rush Limbaugh’s ideas are real and rational. WWE Wrestling is pure entertainment, as evidenced by the fact that on the program guides and rating results it is listed as WEE Entertainment.

The highest rated program on cable’s MTV is the reality show “Jersey Shore,” which many people believe isn’t highly scripted, that it’s real – many of the same people, I suspect, who think Sarah Palin is a smart cookie with good, rational ideas.

The motto of these conservative entertainers and entertainment programs are KISS, “keep it simple, stupid.”

They know that if they spout complex, nuanced ideas that their audience will scratch their heads and turn back to pro wrestling.

If Glenn and Sarah’s ratings continue to plummet, perhaps these entertainers will resort to mud wrestling and watch the TV ratings soar. If I were WWE Entertainment, I’d pay them more than Fox News to get down in the mud and wrestle with each other.

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