Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Music Is Magical In PPMs

Many holiday music stations show spectacular gains

Arbitron Tuesday started releasing The Holiday Book which accounts for listening December 9 through January 5.  And many of the Holiday music stations have recorded some spectacular Total Persons 6+ shares.

                                                              Nov  Dec    Holiday

For example:  New York City  WLTW       5.9     8.4    12.3

                      Los Angeles       KOST      4.6     6.6      9.3

                      Chicago             WLIT        3.6    8.9    12.1

                      Philadelphia       WBEB       7.1  11.7    15.6

                      San Francisco    KOIT        4.8    7.3      9.0

                      Washington DC WASH       6.1    9.9   12.9

                      Dallas                 KVIL        4.0    5.8     7.2

                      Houston              KODA      6.7   9.2   12.7

These stations ranked #1 in their market.  To see the latest ratings, click here.

NYC:  In the all-important 25 to 54 demo, WLTW blew away all comers with an 11.8. Number two was WKTU with a 5.4, number three went to WHTZ with a 4.9, WCBS FM pulled a 4.7 for fourth place, WWFS finished fifth with a 4.2, in sixth place was WAXQ with a 3.9, WQHT finished seventh with a 3.8, eighth place went to WSKQ with a 3.7, WWPR finished ninth with a 3.5 and 10th place went to WFAN.

WLTW even dominated to 18 to 34 demo with a first place finish with a 9.9. Number two was WQHT with an 8.1, WHTZ finished third with a 7.7, fourth place went to WWPR with a 7.2, WKTU finished fifth with a 6.9. (

LA:  "I think now KOST is branded as the holiday music station — if you go to KOST, it's Christmas," said Stella Prado, the station's program director. She said she heard the station being played at malls, gas stations and more public places than she was used to. "We were the soundtrack to the season."

KIIS had dominated the local radio ratings throughout 2010, leading the pack from January to November. It had been the only station in Los Angeles and Orange County to top 4 million in average audience — the number of listeners who tuned in for at least five minutes in a given week — peaking at 4.16 million in August. But during the holidays, KOST tallied an astonishing 4.9 million. (LA Times)

Chicago:  The dominance of WLIT’s holiday music in all time periods also pushed top-rated WTMX-FM (101.9) morning drive hosts Eric Ferguson and Kathy Hart into second place.

Though WLIT pummelled all contenders in the holiday book, the station, as expected, began to fall fast from its top rung as soon as the holiday music ended immediately after Christmas. As recently as the November book, WLIT was in ninth place, while the station tied for 11th place in the rankings in the October book. (Sun-Times)

Tom’s Take:  Competitors will make noise about the special nature of the ratings and surely all holiday stations will settle back to earthly shares.  But smart DOSs will plan ahead to cash-in December 2011.

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