Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bristol Talking About Phoenix Radio Gig

Bristol Palin has been offered a morning co-hosting job at an Arizona radio station, according to reports.
The daughter of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin met with management at Mix 96.9 FM in Phoenix last week, according to a story at

Current morning host Mathew Blades, who would work with Bristol on his show, told the broadcaster that the "ball is in [Bristol's] court" but suggested that she had seemed "interested" in the opportunity.

Clear Channel Program director Ron Price also spoke about the job offer with MyFox Phoenix on Tuesday, pointing out Bristol's background in public speaking, adding: "I think she could hold her own on the radio."

Bristol bought a property in Maricopa, AZ last year, sparking rumors that she was planning to move from Alaska with her young son Tripp. She separated from his father Levi Johnston for a second time last year.

She recently told Alaska's The Bob & Mark Show on KWHL that she was "thrilled" with her new town, and confirmed in the same interview that she had been offered a job with Mix 96.9. She has yet to comment on whether she will accept.

Tom's Take: Do you think Bristol realizes her possible job means Clear Channel will probably force Clear Channel to institute more reduction-in-force cuts nationwide?  :) Probably not and she doesn't care..and neither does CC care.

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