Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Insights: Importance Of U-S Worker Underestimated

This week’s Westwood One blog looks at the differences in perception and reality among marketers and agencies when it comes to the American workforce. 

It also highlights the latest November data from Nielsen for Portable People Meter markets and October data in diary markets.
  • Perception: According to Advertiser Perceptions, marketers and agencies with media budget responsibilities perceive that 43% of U.S. workers are working from their homes. They believe only 33% are commuting every day.
  • Reality: Recently, the U.S. Federal Reserve released the latest results of their ongoing tracking study of American worker commutes. Marketers and agencies dramatically underestimate the number of Americans that are commuting to work each day and dramatically overestimate the number of Americans who are working from home.
  • Marketers and agencies need to take the “me out of media”: Marketers and agencies believe that since they are all working from home, so must the rest of the country. According to marketing experts, media industry professionals need to be careful about projecting their own lifestyles and habits on the rest of America.
  • Federal Reserve: In October 2020, 71% of U.S. workers commuted to work and 19% worked from home: The commuting workforce continues to recover to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Nielsen: November PPM reveals nearly complete reach recovery: Nielsen reveals that AM/FM’s weekly reach is now 97% of March as the Fall 2020 audience recovery continues.
  • Nielsen: November PPM total day average quarter-hour persons is 94% of March.
  • Nielsen: Morning drive audience recovery continues in PPM markets.
  • Nielsen: Continuous diary markets retain 100% of the March cume and average quarter-hour persons.

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