Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Fresh Off the Press: SBG Adds i-News To Roster

i-News brings listeners unbiased, news updates at the top and bottom of each hour every day of the week. The news network features national journalists including: John Hunt, Jessie Paniagua, Chris Barnes and Wendy King.

“i-News Network has been specifically designed to help radio stations stay relevant in the news cycle,” said Sun Broadcast Group COO Danno Wolkoff. “The network news service delivers content that your listener’s want and need every hour with a fresh new sound from experienced journalists. Plus, sales departments can still sell local advertising and sponsorships for each newscast delivered.”

i-News President John Hunt said "It has been an exciting journey building i-News to bring listeners the entire story in an unbiased way. We look forward to our sales and distribution partnership with the talented team at Sun Broadcast Group."

i-News believes in presenting all sides to a story. In these times of a pandemic, racial strife and major economic challenges, listeners need to know the full truth. It's time for news to be presented for all listeners to consume...The next generation is here.

Check out how i-News could sound on your station by clicking here.

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