Thursday, January 12, 2017

Report: 2017 Could Be Podcasting's Breakout Year

Bridge Ratings has completed a set of independent studies that when combined suggest that 2017 holds great promise for podcast producers and listeners alike, according to Dave Van Dyke, President & CEO.

Based on focus groups and most recent field study, Van Dyke believes 2017 holds great promise as a breakout year for podcasting. "This may be the year when a confluence of technology, advertising and consumer interest boost momentum for the platform which offers content for just about every taste and interest."

According to Van Dyke,  much of the growth still rests on the shoulders of the content creators because ultimately a flood of more audio consumers to the podcasting platform will be short-lived if the presentation, production and focus of the content cannot hold listener interest.

The studies indicate that the more "professional"-sounding the podcast the greater chance for additive subscription behavior increasing audience reach and interest.

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Broadcast radio and television will provide further interest in podcasting this year as talent from these platforms have the ability to widely promote their podcasts to built-in fan bases.

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