Saturday, July 30, 2016

Media Whispers: Megyn Kelly Visits CNN Grill During DNC

Dana Perino, Megyn Kelly vist the ice cream bar
The invitation-only CNN Grill is the Democratic convention’s unofficial clubhouse for striving media types to see and be seen.

But, reports The NYTimes,  nobody was expecting to see Megyn Kelly.

A midnight cameo on Wednesday by Kelly, the star Fox News anchor at the center of a harassment scandal roiling her network, caught even the most jaded journalists off-guard.

Nobody had spotted Kelly outside the secure Fox compound here all week. And she has made clear that she is open to changing networks after her contract runs out next year.

So the conspicuous sight of Ms. Kelly hobnobbing with CNN honchos like Anderson Cooper and Jeff Zucker, the network’s president, seemed calculated to set a certain class of tongues wagging.

On Twitter, Ms. Kelly, who was accompanied by burly bodyguards, laughed it all off. “@donlemon dared some of us Fox Newsers to swing by the CNN Grill,” she wrote, posting a selfie with Mr. Lemon, the CNN anchor. “Thx Don!”

Perino, Don Lemon, Kelly
In a way, the appearance of Ms. Kelly, who was joined by her fellow Fox host Dana Perino, signaled how much has changed at Fox since its chairman, Roger Ailes, was deposed. Fox personalities rarely fraternized with rival networks.

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