Tuesday, December 8, 2020

L-A Radio: Progressive Talk KBLA Searching for Talent

LA’s newest talk radio station, KBLA Talk 1580, is scheduling open on-air auditions for its 9 p.m. – 12 a.m. weekday host lineup. The station will discover and introduce to the Southern California talk radio market new voices yearning to be heard at this critical time.

“The all new ‘Unapologetically Progressive’ KBLA Talk 1580 is conducting a citywide talent search for its late night talk show tandem,” said Lyle Gregory, veteran LA talk radio producer and executive in charge of the talent search.

“This historic moment is pleading with us to lift up a new generation of young, insightful voices to contribute to a vibrant and productive conversation. For too long now, talk radio in this city has been all day, all night, all white. We are building a conversational talk radio station that sounds like our city looks,” said Gregory.

“We are confident that our search will result in a new talk radio team that is whip-smart, imaginative and sharp-witted in discussing the current events and issues that matter to all fellow citizens.”

KBLA will soon announce its official sign-on date, and will reveal the first slate of on-air audition teams when it introduces its All-Star daily talk lineup.

To receive information about the station’s launch, please visit https://kblatalk1580.com/.

Talkers interested in the on-air host auditions need not have prior talk radio experience, and can learn more visiting KBLATALK1580.com.

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